Who We Are

Hi, We are Robotic Dinosaur

Robotic Dinosaur is a development studio located in Kent, England. It was created with an opinionated view of what website design and development should be.

We love clean, functional code and great design. This means that we do not add a feature in for the sake of using a feature but we do use the latest web development standards.

The same can be said for our platform of choice, having ditched the cumbersome and often irritatingly complex Wordpress for bespoke solutions built with Laravel.

Bespoke Approach

Unlike many other companies, we take a bespok approach with each client and project.

Great Aftercare

We pride ourselves on our care through all stages of each project.

Solid Foundations

Our development is based on the Laravel framework which is a well tested and solid foundation.

Dedicated to Tech

As nerds we are dedicated to doing our work in the right way, from colors to code to technology.

Lets work together! Do you have an upcoming project? Get a free quote!