What We Do

Web Services

Here are Robotic Dinosaur we help businesses get online and stay ahead of the crowed with a range of solutions to suit any requirement.

We specialise in Digital Development Services, which covers a range of products from landing pages through to full eCommerce Solutions. We enjoy interesting projects and challenges. Below are some of our areas of expertise.


We design and we design well. From a new logo, business branding or a full website. We've got the talent to get the job done.


Every design needs to be developed, whether that design is with us or not. With each project we develop we refine our technique and technologies used to enable us to product the most effective product possible.


The right web host can be just as important as the actual website. No one wants to visit a slow website or worse, one that keeps dropping offline. This is why we offer web hosting packages that guarantee 99% uptime based in some of the best data-centers across the globe.


Software and the technology behind the internet move at a blistering rate and are tested by millions of people across the globe, for good and bad. This opens up security flaws across all aspects of the internet including websites. We offer a range of solutions to keep your website up to date and secure.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO can be interpreted by a lot of people in a lot of different ways but we work with what it actually means. We will help your business perform optimally for search engines as well as get your local business in front of the right people to increase your potential customer conversion.

Bespoke Approach

Unlike many other companies, we take a bespok approach with each client and project.

Great Aftercare

We pride ourselves on our care through all stages of each project.

Solid Foundations

Our development is based on the Laravel framework which is a well tested and solid foundation.

Dedicated to Tech

As nerds we are dedicated to doing our work in the right way, from colors to code to technology.

What people say

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