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RoboticDinosaur is a Digital Development Studio. We build digital products for companies (products like websites, mobile apps, eCommerce store fronts).

  • Email Templates

    With the total number of emails being sent a day reaching 246billion by the end of 2019. You will want to stand out from the crowd.

    Let us work with you to design and develop your email templates to be used with services like Mailchimp or Sendgrid.

  • Static Websites

    The internet has gone full circle and static websites are back in business. We utilise tools like Middleman and VueJS to deliver rediculously fast websites and landing pages.

  • Dynamic Websites

    If you require something a bit more feature rich than the static site offering we create bespoke systems developed with Ruby on Rails.

    These are typically a CMS (Content Management System) with administration options.

  • eCommerce Solutions

    The next level up from a dynamic website could be called eCommerce. Whether it involves building on top of existing solutions like Shopify or Spree to creating a bespoke solution. We've got the answer.

  • Mobile & Web Applications

    Whether you need to add mobile functionality to your website or you need a dedicated solution, We will turn your ideas in to an application.

We would love to work with you

We love working on a wide range of projects with each one providing new challenges and great outcomes.

Our desire to deliver the best possible product means we constantly challenge ourselves to review and improve our work processes.

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